Look to Checkmate Safety to test and tag for you in the Brisbane area and keep you safe

Electrical appliance maintenance is a huge deal for those that handle them every day. There are dozens of workplace related deaths due to defective or malfunctioning electrical equipment that does not meet AS/NZS 3760 safety requirements. Furthermore, the numbers look even more grim for households. The terrible reality is that many of these deaths are preventable with consistent checks on your equipment. Your safety is of utmost importance to us, so let our Checkmate Safety technicians ensure it for you and those around you.

We provide affordable, efficient electrical maintenance that will keep your equipment compliant

A “test & tag” service simply refers to the act of visually inspecting and testing equipment to determine its safety and it’s something that many companies in Brisbane can perform. We have Test and Tag technicians all throughout Queensland and Northern NSW that extends into areas like Brisbane and Gold Coast, so you’ll have no problem finding an expert on testing and tagging. Every one of our technicians is trained in testing and tagging your electrical equipment according to the AS/NZS 3760 standards, assuring you quality work.

This quality includes all the latest test & tag equipment for any appliance in Brisbane. Instead of a blanket charge, you’ll only have to pay per Safety Switch (RCD) Testing, making it cheaper than some competitors. You’ll have full knowledge of exactly what items fail and which pass and will be directed to the most immediate course of action to repair your equipment. Even after the completion of repairs, we wish to ensure your safety, so we’ll give automatic reminders to remove the mental burden of remembering to keep your tools compliant. We make the test and tag service easy, quick and manageable for anyone in the Brisbane area and beyond.

You can also be a Test and Tag technician with Checkmate Safety!

If you’re someone with energy and have a knack for customer service, you should consider joining our test & tag franchise for sale around the Brisbane area. Acquiring a Checkmate Safety franchise is not just a business venture, it’s a choice to control when you work. We do the training and support, and you’ll do the technical work that customers have come to appreciate and hail as industry leading.

You could play a significant role in saving people’s lives by joining Checkmate Safety with a Test and Tag Franchise; it’s as simple as remembering we keep them up for sale! We enable our technicians to thrive in both the pleasant and hard times, and you’ll be doing fulfilling work every day. If you’re interested or would like more information, call us on 0412 532 956.

Checkmate Safety started with just two mates believing in the possibilities of the service industry and has since expanded into the role of industry leader it is today. You can be a part of the experience as well; you just need to make the call to discuss our Test and Tag Franchises for sale!