How do I Know When It’s Time for Fire Extinguisher Testing and Maintenance in Moree?

If you own a building—be it an apartment building that houses multiple residences or an office building that houses several businesses—you are responsible for the safety of the occupants. It is your job to provide each tenant with proper fire safety measures—including smoke detectors, multiple escape routes and working fire extinguishers.

When to Schedule Fire Extinguisher Maintenance in Moree

At Checkmate Safety, we offer fire extinguisher maintenance in Moree. But how do you know when it’s time to call in a professional to test, fix or replace your fire extinguishers? Here are a few rules of thumb to follow:

  • Comply with relevant legislation: According to the AS1851 fire safety standard, businesses must check and tag their fire extinguishers once every six months. These audits must be done on every fire extinguisher in your building. At Checkmate Safety, we are qualified to perform this type of fire extinguisher testing in Moree.
  • Look for signs of damage: One of the best things about the every-six-months testing requirement imposed by AS1851 is that it doesn’t leave much time for fire extinguishers to fall into disrepair. When you need to schedule fire extinguisher maintenance in Moree on such a regular basis, your inspector will likely be there to spot any signs of damage. However, if you notice any evidence of disrepair between test and tag appointments—cracks in the hose, a wobbly handle, a pressure gauge that lands outside the optimal green range—then it might be time to replace the extinguisher. Call Checkmate Safety for an emergency inspection, just to make sure.
  • Don’t forget about other fire safety protections: Keeping your fire extinguishers in perfect working order is an important precaution to take as a building owner—one that can save lives and prevent small fires from turning into building-consuming blazes. However, you also need to make sure your building has other necessary fire protections. At Checkmate Safety, we can help on that front. In addition to providing fire extinguisher maintenance in Moree, we can also sell you fire blankets and fire hose reels, maintain your smoke alarms, test your emergency exit lights and more. We can also sell and install fire extinguishers for you if your building doesn’t have as many as you need.

Trust Checkmate Safety as Your Partner in Fire Safety

At Checkmate Safety, our technicians are extremely familiar with the details of AS1851. We know what you need to do to reach compliance with the standard—not just regarding fire extinguisher installation and maintenance, but also concerning other fire safety protections. We are even a Building Services Authority licensed contractor, which means that we are fully qualified to test and maintain your equipment in compliance with AS1851.

Is it time for a round of fire extinguisher testing your building in Moree? If so, give us a call at Checkmate Safety right away. You can reach us by dialling 1300 00 2468.