Smoke Alarm Servicing and other Safety Services in the Central Coast

As a responsible business owner, the safety of your business property and the people inside it are a priority. The most effective safety strategy is a proactive one. Preparing for a disaster is the best way to ensure the emergency will be handled adequately.

Hopefully, of course, you will never need to use your safety equipment. But you can rest easy knowing your Central Coast business is equipped with the necessary safety measures of smoke alarm testing, smoke alarm servicing, fire extinguisher maintenance, and fire extinguisher testing. These safety precautions are significant elements of a safety strategy, so important that most of them are legal requirements.

Smoke Alarm Servicing and Smoke Alarm Testing

Sometimes a fire begins without our noticing. A simple flame can quickly grow, however, which is why a smoke alarm is such a valuable safety asset. It can quickly identify fire and alert fire personnel faster than you can make a phone call to help.

Proper care of smoke alarms involves smoke alarm testing. Sometimes the electrical wires in the smoke alarm fail to connect. Over time, batteries die. Smoke alarm testing is an easy and fast, but imperative, part of your fire safety strategy. It can be hard, however, to remember to conduct regular smoke alarm tests. After all, you are busy running a business! That is why part of our fire safety services at Checkmate Safety involves the option for us to schedule smoke alarm testing every six months.

Sometimes, some alarms break, and it is easier or cheaper to repair them than purchase a new one. Our smoke alarm servicing option brings our knowledgeable staff to service your smoke alarm for you.

With our servicing and testing options, you can rest easy knowing your Gold Coast business is up to date with the latest smoke alarm safety.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance and Fire Extinguisher Testing

Another key element of your fire preparation strategy is fire extinguishers. It is important to engage in fire extinguisher testing to ensure you do not currently have a defective extinguisher (it is rare of course, but possible). Our company sells fire extinguishers, so you can conveniently stock your business with a tested fire extinguisher in one business transaction. We can deliver and test the extinguishers for you.

After you initially test a fire extinguisher, it is important to have fire extinguisher maintenance regularly. It is not only necessary for the safety of your business, but it is also required by law. The Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 states that all fire-fighting equipment needs to be maintained by a Building Services Authority licensed contractor. That contractor also needs to comply with the AS 1851 Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment. All those legal words just mean that you need regular maintenance done by a qualified professional. Checkmate Safety staff can provide the maintenance you need in a cost-effective and personable way. We value our customers and work to provide quality service.