With fire extinguisher testing and smoke alarm servicing, our Brisbane personnel will keep you safe

We are all prone to focusing on the shininess and novelty of a new gadget or device. A new laptop is so much more exciting than routine procedures, but it can distract us from the necessary, so-called “boring” day-to-day operations that keep us and our days running smoothly. Innovation is sexy; maintenance is not. At Checkmate Safety, we make your safety our business, and we do our best to all the aspects of safety inspection and maintenance painless, so you can continue to focus on the things you want to. Amongst our many services, we do fire extinguisher maintenance and many of the surrounding cities.

Checkmate Safety is a leader in the safety industry, and we’d love to help you remain safe and productive with your business. Our fleet of qualified technicians with experience in private and public industries gives us an edge over our competitors. We do our best to work around your schedule so that we can get your work done and be as unobtrusive as possible.

Our fire protection equipment will help you keep your cool when blazes start

Fires are dangerous. Anybody can tell you that, but not just anybody can keep you both safe and in compliance with fire safety regulation codes. That’s where we come in. We offer an extensive range of fire protection equipment, services and maintenance that can suit any of your needs. You can find our Fire Service technicians everywhere throughout Queensland and New South Wales. Whether you’re a small business or large industry, we have your smoke alarm servicing in Brisbane handled.

We offer fire extinguisher sales, testing installation and maintenance, along with essentials such as fire blankets, smoke alarms and fire hose reels, so if you’re in the Brisbane area, we have you covered. Fire Safety Regulation 2008 mandates that all fire-fighting equipment must be in compliance with the proper code. We know the regulations inside out and can tailor our fire safety solutions to your needs.

Smoke alarm compliance doesn’t have to remain a hazy mystery; we’ll help you out!

Smoke is the silent killer of a fire. If you can avoid the flame, you’ll still have to watch out for the poisonous fumes. Consistent smoke alarm servicing and testing are essential to being prepared for any situation, so you should seek out any of our skilled technicians in the Brisbane area for help. Our experience in smoke alarm servicing makes us an industry leader relied on by real estate agents and rental services.

With an affordable annual service fee, we’ll provide all the relevant and necessary checks to ensure that your alarms are compliant and installed according to Australia’s building codes. You won’t have to deal with services that you don’t need, and we’ll make sure to attend to all your needs.

At Checkmate Safety, we take pride in our status as skilled and detailed workers. Ensuring your safety is our business’ greatest work, so if you require a fire extinguisher or smoke alarm testing in Brisbane or the surrounding areas, we hope that you’ll consider us to do the job!